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Cranes are in the neighborhoods as the Coe takes shape in West Village

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

A long vacant piece of land has seen a lot of activity in the past few months in West Village. After an official announcement for investment in strategic neighborhoods last fall, work has picked up at the site of the Coe Development at Coe and Van Dyke. Our photographers captured some of the work taking place this week. It’s not every day we see cranes right in the middle of a neighborhood.

Clifford Brown from Woodborn Partners, the developer on the project, says that the buildings will clearly take shape in the next few months as framing has started on the site. The development will have eight walk-up row houses on Coe, with a retail building on the corner of Van Dyke and apartments above.

Designed by Christian Hurttiene Architects, the development will add a very modern look to the historic district. The interiors will have a clean, contemporary style with a lot of light coming in. Floor plans and rental rates can be found on Broder & Sachse’s site. Sachse Construction is the construction manager, and it should be completed in the fall.