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A halfpipe is coming to the Fisher Building

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MKR City

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

When we heard that the Fisher Arcade would be activated more frequently, we’ll admit we never had this in mind. From April 3-6, a skateboarding and BMX halfpipe will be set up in the Fisher Building, and spectators can watch from below.

According to the release, “Patrons can walk through gateways beneath and will be able to view skaters above with the magnificent Fisher as a backdrop, curves of the structure and the arcs of skaters cutting through space mirroring the Fisher’s vaulted, frescoed and inlaid walls and ceilings.”

The concept was developed by Everard Findlay, who says the idea grew from a desire to create a common ground within the Fisher Building.

Detroit’s Ramped Construction is building the halfpipe. It will be open to the public April 3-6 from 6pm-9pm daily. More information can be found on MKR City or on the Facebook event page. Here’s a preview of what’s to come.

Fisher Building

3011 West Grand Boulevard, , MI 48202