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Sold home updates: East English Village, Lafayette Park, and more

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It’s been a quiet week on the real estate front in Detroit. As we wait for the spring market to hit, we’re checking in on a few homes we’ve featured this past winter. Is there a house you’re keeping an eye on? Let us know in the comments or drop us a note on the tip line.

First up is this great move-in ready house in East English Village. The house was tastefully designed and not too big, not too small. It really is a great house in a great neighborhood (your Curbed Cup neighborhood of the year, right?). It listed for $143,000 and sold for $137,000.

We found this house on Burns near Gratiot in a roundup of homes listing for $65,000 and under. It had had the same owner for decades and with five bedrooms, it was only listing for $49,000. It just sold for $60,000. [Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography]

It’s been a quiet winter over in Lafayette Park, but we did see this co-op in the quaint Chateaufort Place list for $224,900. It was lived in and could use quite a few updates, but co-ops over there don’t go up for sale very often. The very retro home just sold for $229,000.

This Bagley house or duplex or whatever you want to do with it was recently renovated and had full living spaces on each floor. Good for an extended family? Maybe some rental potential between friends? It listed for $89,900 and just sold for $86,900.