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Updated Auction Watch: Bid on this grand Hazelwood home this week

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This Wednesday!

Building Detroit

Updated: The winning bid on this house was $16,600. Good luck to the new owner and the renovations that await!

We couldn’t help but notice this house on Hazelwood on the Land Bank’s auction site this week. Those grand columns have us dreaming of what it could be again, and our Curbed tipsters tell us that there’s been a lot of renovation activity on this street and in this neighborhood lately (we have some friends renovating homes on neighboring Taylor Street). Might this house find the right new owner to restore it back to its original beauty?

A reminder about these auctions: you have to be serious and ready to renovate. The bidding starts at $1,000 and if you get the house, you need to be ready to get it back to code within six months of purchase.

This house is over 100 years old, with two bedrooms, two baths, and 2,100 square feet. Creepy basement? Sure. Creepy rooms all over? Depends on what you’re used to. It’s located between Second and Third, a few streets south of Boston-Edison. Bidding for this house will take place this Wednesday.