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For $9,900 and a plan, this Springwells property could be yours

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O’Connor Realty

A Curbed tipster alerted us to this interesting listing out in Springwells. Located on Central off West Vernor, this 90-year-old multi-family building is over 5,000 square feet and has a ton of potential. Unlike some other buildings we’ve seen lately that need development plans and an awful lot of money, this one is listing for a mere $9,900.

Listed through O’Connor Real Estate, this property has 12 bedrooms and six full bathrooms. We do hear that there has been water entering the property for years, and the renovation costs could add up because of this. So this one has to go to someone who has a plan to either renovate or rebuild.

If you’re looking for a dense population outside of downtown, Southwest Detroit is the place. It’s also close to a lot of retail and restaurants. What do you think about this opportunity, Curbed readers?