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Rehab this West Village duplex, yours for $135K

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Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

With all the home sales, retail, and development happening around West Village the past few years, you’d think there wouldn’t be much left in West Village. Actually, there are quite a few houses (and buildings) in the neighborhood that still need work. The price is going up, of course.

We recently saw a multi-family house on Saint Paul sell for its asking price of $149,000. That property looked to be in decent, but not great condition. This new listing looks like someone started and stopped a renovation, so substantial work needs to take place. This duplex has new systems and a new roof, so much of the hard part is taken care of. Live in one and rehab the other? How often will you find a hall of heroes? And look at all the materials ready to be used! It’s located on Saint Paul off of Van Dyke, close to shops on Agnes and Kercheval. It’s also pretty close to the new Coe Development. It’s listed through Hawkins Realty Group.