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Architecture students will turn Detroit home into resource for sustainable living

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The Motown Movement

How high are the heating bills in your house? Three ambitious architecture students from the Netherlands are hoping to make an impact on how energy efficient methods can be incorporated into housing, specifically they want to make sustainable housing accessible to everyone.

The students, Bob Hendrikx, Dominik Lukkes, and Ronen Dan, purchased a house at 1955 Ford Street in Hope Village, and on April 1 will break ground on a project to create a resource center for sustainable living.

The center is comprised of a few components:

  • The basement will be turned into a resource center with computers, wifi, and workspace.
  • The first floor will be a demonstration space and showcase with a training center.
  • The second floor will be a model for future use, or a proof of concept for their sustainable method: “that people can live comfortably in energy neutral homes in a cost-effective way.”
  • The two adjacent lots will be repurposed into an urban garden with the support of The Greening of Detroit and Focus:HOPE.
The Motown Movement

The group, aptly named the Motown Movement, has a full website with more info (their work will be turned into a documentary FYI). They also have a Patronicity campaign running. If they raise $50,000 by April 18, they’ll receive a matching grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. Development groups The Platform, Midtown Detroit Inc., and Banyan Investments have all made substantial contributions to to the campaign.

1955 Ford Street
The Motown Movement
The Motown Movement

The group also plans on building a website with resources for do-it-yourself and low budget methods for creating more energy efficiency in your own home. Admittedly, their video is pretty uplifting. More info can be found at their website.