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Golf Club mansion with huge kitchen asks $549K

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Must love wood

Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

We don’t often feature homes out by the Detroit Golf Club, that exclusive little enclave next to the University District. This house has quite a lot of frontage right on the golf course - many of the rooms overlook it with giant windows. Good to keep an eye on the property in case they sell! This 5,800-square-foot home has so much wood —seriously, it’s a lot — and a kitchen that’s bigger than so many we see. At $95 per square foot, it’s listing for $549,000.

This house just has so many rooms ... we’re not quite sure what we’d do with some of them. If you have ideas, we’d love to hear.

So many possibilities
Meeting place for secret societies?
Michelle & Chris Gerard

We kind of love this kitchen, though. We see so many tiny, awkward kitchens here. This one has all the room in the world. Even room for a table, if they wanted one.

The house has six bedrooms, two full and two half baths, and some great details (check out the staircase). Here’s a look inside.