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The Platform’s Islandview redevelopment plans revealed

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Courtesy of The Platform

Last year, we heard that Peter Cummings’ development group The Platform would undergo a lot of work in New Center, Brightmoor, and Islandview. We’re finally getting a clearer picture of the Islandview redevelopment, which could be seen as a gateway to Belle Isle.

Included in the redevelopment are a few key properties:

  • The Platform recently acquired the Big Boy restaurant on Jefferson, which will remain open until Easter Sunday and be demolished at some point thereafter. Curis Enterprises, who sold the property, has said employees will receive a bonus and they’ll help employees displaced by the closure.
  • The Platform has also entered into an agreement with intention to acquire five parcels from the Detroit Land Bank Authority on East Grand Boulevard between East Jefferson Avenue and Congress Street. This includes the renovation of the large Louis Kamper-designed former nursing home at 130 E. Grand Boulevard.
  • Three other historic properties will also see rehabilitation, and there will also be new construction. Hamilton Anderson Associates is the architect on the project.
Courtesy of The Platform

Future development in the area will include retail and may include a farmers market or food truck court. The Platform says they’ll work with the community the activate the site before breaking ground for future development.

The Big Boy site encompasses about one acre on Jefferson, right across from Belle Isle and the Uniroyal site, which will be redeveloped in the coming years.

Islandview homes further down East Grand Boulevard have been doing well on the market this year. A shell of a house recently sold for $70,000, while another house in questionable condition sold for its asking price.

Update: A friend has offered some pictures inside 130 East Grand Boulevard, taken a few years ago. He says the windows in the turret may be boarded up, but the originals still remain. The second is taken from the second story main hall. You can get an idea of some of the details still remaining.