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15 photos of the QLINE testing on Woodward

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Photo via M-1 Rail on Instagram

This spring, Detroit will have a streetcar again. The QLINE is here and regularly doing testing up and down Woodward. We’ve captured its first test and some of its stations as they take shape. We’ve determined that y’all are going to ride it regularly (right?).

It’s been a busy winter for the QLINE since we last checked in. One of the streetcars was vandalized a few weeks back. The New York Times praised the streetcar and all the development and opportunity it brings with it (maybe too much praise?).

But more than anything, the bright red streetcar keeps making these test runs up and down Woodward, getting ready for its spring debut. The M-1 rail has posted a handy video to let residents know how to coexist with the testing and streetcar.

Have you seen the QLINE out and about? Send us your pics! Here’s what people are posting on Instagram when they see the QLINE in action.

Heading out from the Penske Tech Center in New Center.

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Checking out some culture near the DIA.

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Near some beautiful and not so beautiful Midtown architecture.

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Here is is outside of Hopcat in Midtown.

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Perhaps this car is in the wrong lane...

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By the MLK station.

Hanging out near the Little Caesars Arena.

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Hey, Hockeytown!

Outside the Fox Theatre.

Passing by the future Shinola Hotel.

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And past the Hudson’s site.

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Making her way around Campus Martius.

Close up near Woodward and Congress.

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Near the end of the line, at One Detroit.

It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it?