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What can $80K buy you in Detroit?

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We’ve seen plenty of pricey listings lately in Detroit, but no worries - there are still plenty of good move-in ready homes around the city. This week, we’re looking at a few places that were recently listed for under $80,000. Which would you choose?

The first is a Rehabbed & Ready brick home located just north of Grandmont Rosedale. The house has three bedrooms, one bathroom, a finished basement, and a fireplace in the living room. At 1,150 square feet, it’s listing for $69,900.

The next one is a 2,018-square-foot single-family home in the Bagley neighborhood. It has three bedrooms, one and a half baths, and we think taking the bars off the windows could increase the curb appeal. The house has refinished floors, fresh paint, and a new kitchen. It’s listing for $79,900.

We’ve mentioned plenty of houses just outside of Boston-Edison lately, including many on Atkinson and La Salle. This four bedroom house is located on Glynn Court near Linwood. The listing says it’s been maintained and that it had some updates in 2015, but doesn’t provide any interior pictures. We can dream. It’s also listing for $79,900.

Maybe a house isn’t your style and you’d like to live closer to downtown? A one bedroom, one bath co-op is available at 1300 E. Lafayette. It’s on the third floor and just under $800 square feet. It’s listing for $72,500, but watch out for those HOA fees, which will run you $901 a month.