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Renovated three-bedroom New Center condo asks $175K

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Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

Developers are expecting a lot from the New Center area in the next few years. Located at the (current) end of the QLINE, big developers like The Platform and Midtown Detroit Inc. are restoring buildings and storefronts, while more houses are getting renovated around the neighborhood. We’ve seen a few different condos listing in the past few months, most between $120-200 per square foot. This one falls right in the middle, with 1,200 square feet and listing for $175,000.

The looks of it are nice, but not anything beyond the average flip. There are hardwood floors, a renovated kitchen, and a private basement for storage. There’s a designated parking spot, and it’s located just a couple blocks from the Fisher Building and across the Lodge from the Henry Ford hospital. HOA fees are running at $414 a month. If you work downtown, you can get nice walk to and from the QLINE, which is 8 blocks away. Good investment for the neighborhood? What do you think, readers?