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Metropolis Cycles to pop-up, then open a second storefront in West Village

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Metropolis Cycles will pop up in the Garland Building
Michelle & Chris Gerard

A couple years ago, we saw a bit of a boom in bike shops opening up in Detroit. As the bike culture in Detroit grows every year, we’re seeing more locations for our local shops. Case in point - Metropolis Cycles, which opened in Corktown two years ago is now opening up a second location on Kercheval in West Village.

Metropolis is opening its pop-up location on March 11 in the Garland Building, which was recently opened this past winter. They’re having an opening party Friday, March 10 from 7-10pm in the pop-up location at 8044 Kercheval.

The Metropolis Cycles East pop-up will be open from 11am-7pm Wednesday through Saturday, and have full-service repair and retail, focusing on maintenance and accessories for everyday bicycling, as well as new and used bikes. They’ll open a permanent storefront on Kercheval later this year.

Metropolis Cycles Michigan Avenue location in Corktown
Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

“We opened Metropolis Cycles because we wanted to be able to provide high-level service and bike sales in a professional and accessible environment. With Detroit uniquely positioned as the nation’s largest expanding cycling market, we are happy to be able to provide our same high-level of service and products in a new location more convenient to our Eastside riders,” says Shayne O’Keefe, Metropolis Cycles co-owner.

The pop-up location is in the future space for Geiger Eat Shop, and next to the Village Parlor, which hopes to open up sometime this spring.