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Castle-like University District home sells for above asking

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Photos by Michael Schuster Photography

Last month, we showed you this University District home that looked pretty impressive on the outside, but was a little dated inside. It’s a big house, with six bedrooms, four and a half baths, and a finished basement. It sits on two lots and has a basketball court in the back. The house also has a big garage with a covered breezeway connecting it to the house. With the renovations some would choose inside, would it snag its $319,900 asking price?

Yes, actually. The house just sold for $325,000. Readers thought it would go for around $300K and agreed that it’s a pretty good looking house. Perhaps the new owner might want to do something with the kitchen? We wouldn’t disagree with that (it is functional, though). The University District seems to be one of the more consistent neighborhoods in the city, and we’re hopeful that with the initiatives happening in the Live6 area, more homes just outside the University District neighborhood will be renovated. Here’s a look inside this UD castle.