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Sherwood Forest home includes hot tub and media room

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All for $425,000


You can’t help but get excited about this Sherwood Forest house; the listing agent’s enthusiasm is loud and clear in their description. “When you walk into this gorgeous house, its start with OH MY , WOW .” Cool, let’s go! This 3,700-square-foot house does have a lot of features we don’t normally see, and we appreciate the excitement over it. It’s listing for $425,000.

The five bedroom, three and a half bath house has some updated details, like the kitchen and bathrooms, but we wish they would have spent some time reconfiguring the kitchen. It looks so small, comparatively. There’s a big bar and rec room in the basement, and that media room with a big screen is sure to be a big selling point. There’s nice brick work on the exterior, very shiny wood floors inside, and a hot tub room with skylights. According to the listing, it has, “all of the greatness that you have dreamed about.” K.