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Rehab this multi-family property near Belle Isle, yours for $105K

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We’ve seen a few pricey rehab-ready properties list lately. Most notably, this disaster/possible-opportunity in Brush Park was asking $275,000 (it’s now pending). We also saw this Victorian in Islandview, just off Kercheval, list for $60,000 (also pending). Also in Islandview, near this Arts & Crafts home, is a large multi-unit property that for sure needs a lot of work, but the price might be more reasonable, comparably. Three of the four units are for sale here and they need a complete rehab. It’s listing for $105,000.

The location is right on East Grand Boulevard near Kercheval. It’s just a few blocks up from Jefferson and so close to Belle Isle. This stretch of East Grand Boulevard has a lot of group homes and senior housing, and plenty of properties that need work. We’re fond of the turret in the corner unit, and the big porches on the front. It seems from the listing that each unit has three bedrooms. Fix one up at a time, rent out as they’re available? Let us know what you think of this property, especially compared to the others we’ve seen lately.