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Arena Watch: Main ice takes shape, seats on the way

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

As we get closer to the hot and ready debut of the Little Caesars Arena this fall, it’s taking shape before our eyes (and before the web cams on their site). Yesterday was a big day for the arena: the main ice was poured to NHL standards and will now cure for 30 days. The District Detroit released these images inside the arena, showing the highlights of the day-long concrete pour.

According to Olympia, in order to get ready for the pour, “Pipe systems for both thawing and chilling have already been placed, as has support steel. In order to ensure that the concrete surface, and therefore the final ice surface, is level, two concrete pump trucks and a series of concrete delivery trucks will work non-stop creating one continuous pour.”

The ice will now cure for 30 days and in the next few weeks, seats will start to be installed in the arena.

The Little Caesars Arena is set to open for the Red Wings and Pistons seasons this fall. Concerts taking place later this year at the arena from Kid Rock, Lady Gaga, and Ed Sheeran have also been announced.

Little Caesars Arena

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