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The M-1 Rail releases two safety videos

Michelle & Chris Gerard

The QLINE, after years of planning and anticipation, is finally rolling down Woodward Avenue. In addition to Opening Day celebrations, the QLINE is ramping up its outreach. Two new videos have been released for pedestrian, bicycle, and car safety.

Here are the big takeaways:

  • The QLINE takes a while to slow down, so don’t cut it off and don’t wander into the street if you’re on foot or bike (actually, don’t wander into the street any time).
  • There will be a transit-only light at intersections, so pay attention to the lights; the QLINE will cross lanes of traffic.
  • This has been said before, but Cass is the preferred route for cyclists. Woodward will have car and rail traffic now, so just be aware if you’re on bike.
  • Cyclists should cross at a 90 degree angle — don’t get your bike stuck in the tracks.
  • Do Not Park On The Tracks. Please. Thank you.

More safety information can be found here.