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Sold home updates from Indian Village, Palmer Woods, Southwest, and more

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3640 Iroquois
This Indian Village home listed last summer and just sold
Photo by Jim Tumey

This week, we have a big roundup of houses that have sold recently. It’s starting to get busy in the Detroit real estate market - a good indication of the season to come? Here’s what we’ve found.

↑ We featured this Indian Village home way back in August of last summer, and our readers weren’t all that impressed (tough crowd). It’s a 3,600-square-foot home with five bedrooms and a Pewabic tile fireplace. Readers thought it was overpriced at $395,000 and they were right. It just sold for $320,000.

↑ This Palmer Woods mansion is nice enough, but looks like it could use some fresh eyes and maybe some new paint and fixtures. It’s nearly 4,400 square feet, with six bedrooms, a basement bar (we’re fans of them), a three-car garage, and is located on a half acre lot. It listed way back in July for $540,000 and just sold for $471,500.

↑ This home on La Salle drew some contentious remarks from our readers, saying that it was overpriced for the flip and for the neighborhood. We’ve seen a lot happening over in this area lately, and property values are starting to rise. The house listed in February for $209,000 and just sold for $190,000. [Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography]

↑ A lot of readers liked this cute condo in New Center. It’s 800 square feet, with one bedroom and one bath, and located just off of Woodward north of the QLINE. We’re wondering what the condo market might look like in this area in the next few years. This one listed in February for $80,000 and just sold for $85,000.

↑ We’ve seen some interesting disasters fixer uppers hit the market this winter. This multi-family property in Southwest sparked a lot of discussion. Some thought the location might not be worth it; some thought it looked like a pretty good deal. It listed in January for $110,000 and sold last month for $100,000.

↑ Speaking of Southwest, we thought this property was ideal for gardeners. It’s a newer build near 75, West Vernor, and Mexicantown, and the double lot is fenced in. It listed for $132,500 and just sold for $142,000.

↑ We’ve mentioned this University District home in the past, and we hope it has finally found its forever family. That exterior photo is spectacular, although we hear from readers that it’s not indicative of what it looks like now. It came with some pretty dreary interior photos as well. It was up for sale last summer for $165,000 and just sold for $133,900.