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Move-in ready Boston-Edison home lists for $275K

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Here’s another listing in Boston-Edison on the west side of the Lodge near Linwood. We’ve talked about this area a lot, and have seen some pretty good listings (and sales) in the past six months. This house is a reasonable 2,320 square feet, with five bedrooms and two baths. It’s listing for an also reasonable $275,000.

The house boasts dark wood floors, built-in bookshelves around the fireplace in the living room, and a completely new kitchen. The third floor has a master suite and the second floor has the remaining four bedrooms. The staircase seems to be set up kind of strange and the house has sun rooms that offer so much light. There’s a small deck off the back and a balcony above. All in all, looks like a lot of new fixtures, a lot of white paint, and a seemingly move-in ready house. It’s listed through Banyan Realty. Take a look and as always, tell us what you think.