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Incredible Indian Village Manor restoration finds new owners

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The condo just sold for $280K

Indian Village Manor Condo Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Last fall, we took you through the meticulous restoration of a condo in Indian Village Manor, one of the east side’s hidden gems. Our Renovation Diary discussed the initial walk through, early stages of discovery, the details that went into the restoration, and finally the finished product. The restoration was a true labor of love for Linda G, who also lives in the building.

Linda reports to us that 5B has sold to a couple who was actually looking for a place downtown, but saw the posts on Curbed and decided to check it out. Linda’s thrilled with her new neighbors and hope they love the home as much as she does.

The condo initially listed for $319,900 and just sold for $280,000. It’s 2,400 square feet, with restored floors, windows, and a lot of light. This wasn’t a quick flip — it involved researching, finding random fixtures, trial and error, and so much hard work. Here are a few photos from the condo, and many more can be found here (many of the before pics are here).