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Palatial house loves being on the market, raises price again

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There are a few houses in the city that we just keep seeing over and over again and maybe, someday, they’ll find the right new owner to dump a bunch of money into them. Back on the market is this former bed & breakfast in the Joseph Berry Subdivision, which is located on the waterfront but doesn’t have canal access. Last time we saw it, it listed for $240,000 and our commenters deemed it a money pit. It just relisted again for $285,000.

It seems like if the right person was willing to take it on, perhaps for a much lower price, it could be a great bed and breakfast again. It’s 5,500 square feet with six bedrooms and it almost looks like it’s falling into the water. It’s located next to a castle that’s been under renovation for a while, and neighbors with a carriage house that has the land rights to the waterfront behind this house. Has anyone seen it recently? Any takers yet?