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Detroit Antique Mall property available for redevelopment

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Courtesy of Signature Associates

Recently, we mapped out some of the best antique and furniture stores in and around Detroit. The map might need to be updated soon. Although they’re not moving yet, the building and property around the Detroit Antique Mall at Fisher and Third is up for redevelopment. The price? $1.95 million.

The building dates back to 1901, covers about 12,300 square feet, and sits on .42 acres. The location puts it near Grand River and I-75, at the Fisher Service Drive and Third (their website is cleverly named

The location is interesting. It’s near many landmarks, but as you can see from the video below, there’s still very wide roads and a lot of land nearby. It’s close to two casinos, Cass Tech, the sports stadiums (it’s a few blocks away from the new arena), downtown, and Corktown.

Griffin Pitcher and Luke C. Timmis from Signature Associates are representing the property.

Time to play developer, Curbed readers. What would you like to see at this site? You have a historic building plus land to build on. Go!