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Rehabbed & Ready home featured on ‘This Old House’ sells for $80K

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Detroit Land Bank

We’ve enjoyed watching Detroit featured on This Old House, which you can see on PBS and online. While the main house featured is a beautiful Russell Woods home, they’re also checking in on a Rehabbed & Ready house in Crary St. Marys. This house was in very rough shape before the rehab started. Google maps shows this when you search the address:

Terrifying? Yes.

Through the Land Bank’s Rehabbed & Ready program, and a lot of clearing of debris and trees, the house was renovated and put up for sale earlier this year. The 1,315-square-foot, three bedroom house listed for $78,000 and just sold for $80,000.

Craig Fahle from the Detroit Land Bank says they held 12 open houses for this home, with 138 attendees. They received six offers for the house. It’s their 30th sale and 27th mortgage through the Rehabbed & Ready program.

Interested in seeing more of the house? It’s featured toward the end of this episode. Here are a few more photos inside.