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Meet MoGo, Detroit’s new bike share

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve been waiting for this! Detroit is finally getting a large, public bike share system. Its name is MoGo and it’s launching in May with 430 bikes and 43 stations.

It’s a thing of beauty.

The name MoGo grew out of quite a few words: Motown, mobility, movement, motion, Motor City. The program has been in the works for years, led by Lisa Nuszkowski, executive director of MoGo, Detroit Bike Share. “Today’s announcement continues the city’s mobility evolution, providing Detroiters and visitors alike with more accessible options to move around the city," she says.

A website has been launched with more information. Pricing options are:

  • The Daily Pass: $8 per day and includes unlimited 30-minute trips for 24 hours.
  • The Monthly Pass: $18 per month and riders receive unlimited 30-minute trips for the entire month.
  • The Annual Pass: Riders can pay $80 up front or $8 per month with unlimited 30-minute trips for the full year. A special discount is available for people 65 years and older.
  • The Access Pass: Qualifying riders pay $5 for the year and get 30 minute unlimited rides.
  • The Founders Pass: Includes an Annual Pass, plus limited-edition MoGo gear and other benefits for $100.

MoGo is a collaboration between the Downtown Detroit Partnership, the City of Detroit, Henry Ford Health System, and Health Alliance Plan.

The 43 stations are not 100% confirmed yet, but there will be stations in ten neighborhoods.

To be clear, this is not bike rental. Bike shares are for getting from Point A to Point B. Bikes are intended for 30 minute rides. An extra charge will be added for more time.

And if the bike is lost or stolen? Riders could be responsible for a $1,200 fine.

More info can be found in their frequently asked questions. A launch date should be announced in the coming weeks.