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New Brush Park condos to break ground soon, list for $535-610K

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Courtesy of Micheal Kelemen

A few months ago, we showed you a new development that had been in the works for years. Michael Kelemen and his wife had been working for about four years to build a small, energy efficient condo development in Brush Park. So many big developers get all the attention, and we appreciated the work and tenacity that went into this process (and filling in a vacant lot is a good thing).

Kelemen tells us that they’ve received approvals and should break ground in May on this four-unit development on Eliot Street. The condos have been listed and we have some renderings of the interior.

The structure will be three stories, with three units that are two stories each, and a fourth that will take up the third floor (Kelemen will live in the penthouse unit). The three condos will be 1,600-1,900 square feet each and each will have a patio and terrace outside and garage space in the back.

Kelemen plans on using energy efficient methods often used in Europe in the design. The units are listing for about $315 per square foot, which is standard in Brush Park right now. They’re listed through Elizabeth Tintinalli at Liz in Detroit.