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Midtown West to bring residential, retail, park to Wigle Recreation Center site

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City of Detroit

The fate of one of the largest parcels of vacant land in Midtown was revealed today. The Wigle Recreation Center site will be redeveloped into 175 rental units (20% of rental units will be affordable housing), 160 for sale units, 8,000 square feet of retail space, and a one-acre public green space.

Ground should break on the project in fall of 2018.

The $77 million development will be completed in two phases. The first phase will see the construction of 167 of the residential units, plus the retail and green space.

In addition, the first phase will see a reconfiguration of the street grid in that area. According to the city, “The new grid will see the reopening of 4th Street from Selden to Brainard and the rebuilding of Tuscola from 3rd Street to the Lodge access road.”

The second phase will complete the residential units and add commercial space.

The developer is PDH Development Group, which includes Detroit-based developer Roderick Hardamon and New York-based developer Mario Procida.

The development also will be subject to the City’s Community Benefits Agreement, which requires a community engagement process as the development moves forward. It’s the first residential development to go through the CBA process and the first in District Six.