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The Charles T. Fisher Mansion sells for $1.25M

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Fisher Mansion
The Fisher mansion in the Historic Boston Edison District
Michelle & Chris Gerard

What could be one of the biggest private home sales in Detroit this year just finalized in Boston-Edison. The Charles T. Fisher Mansion, which we profiled last year, has just sold to a new owner for $1,250,000.

The house never officially listed for sale, but came up as pending earlier this year.

The Charles T. Fisher Mansion is the largest home in Boston-Edison, at 18,000 square feet. It was designed by George D. Mason in 1922 and has 14 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a pub, a private chapel, gymnasium, and a prohibition liquor vault. There’s also a finished carriage house in the back. An extensive renovation has been ongoing in the home. Here are a few of the photos we took last year, and many more can be seen here. It’s one of the most elegant, extraordinary homes in the city.

Fisher Mansion Main
Fisher Mansion Main

Fisher Mansion Main
An ornate walnut mantel protrudes from the hand carved  wood paneling that adorns the walls Michelle and Chris Gerard