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For $390K, a Midtown loft at the Ellington

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Live above Starbucks!

Ever wanted to walk downstairs to Starbucks? Or avoid parking in one of the worst parking lots in the city so you can go to Whole Foods? For just $390,000 (oh Hi, Midtown) you can get a two bedroom, two bath condo at the Ellington. That’s coming in at $331 per square foot.

This condo has a couple big advantages. The first is the location. It’s right on the corner of Woodward and Mack, so you’re close to downtown, Midtown, the sports arenas, Wayne State, and there’s a QLINE station right across the street. Also, there are groceries right outside your door. It’s also pretty spacious, coming in at 1,180 square feet. The condo has hardwood floors, big windows, and a private balcony. The finishes and details aren’t all that exciting, but if you’re looking for a space near everything, this is a good bet. HOA fees run at $574 per month.

The Ellington Lofts

3670 Woodward Ave, Detroit, Mi 48201