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Rehab this Hubbard Farms home, yours for $40K

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So much red carpet

We love to find great houses with potential for that special buyer in mind who has the vision and cash on hand. Today’s future dream house is located in Hubbard Farms, near Clark Park and so many good restaurants. It’s listing for $40,000.

Built in 1900, this 2,890-square-foot home actually has three apartments in it. The new owner could keep the apartments and make some income off the property, or turn it into a single-family home. It certainly looks like it needs all the work, but we’ve seen houses listing for way more in far worse condition. Is there a rehabber out there looking for a great old Southwest home? Do you love pulling old carpet up or taking wallpaper off? This may be the house for you! We’re not so sure about the garage in the back, though. Take a look and tell us what you think of the location, condition, and price, Curbed readers.