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One of Detroit’s worst intersections will reopen with pedestrian plaza

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Back in November, we learned that the intersection at Randolph, Macomb, Gratiot, and Broadway (yes, all of those streets) would start to be reconfigured. Readers had actually voted it one of the worst intersections in the city just a few weeks before. The wide, numerous roads created quite a barrier for pedestrians between downtown and Greektown. A large portion of the road has been blocked off since, and now we’ve learned that it will reopen for pedestrians for Opening Day.

MLive reports on the additions to the plaza, which is near Buffalo Wild Wings on Randolph. They should be installing planters around the barrier and adding tables and chairs to the plaza. Food trucks are expected along Macomb Street. They’re also expected to add better traffic signals for pedestrians and cars, along with pavement markings.

The weather on Opening Day, as they’re predicting, won’t be great, but it should warm up this weekend. If you stop by sometime, let us know what you think about the reconfigured intersection and new plaza.