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The Masonic Temple offers special behind-the-scenes tour

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Fans of the massive 1,037 room Masonic Temple in Detroit - rejoice! While the Masonic Temple offers guided tours on first and third Sundays, on May 12 at 7 p.m., a special tour will be conducted for enthusiasts who want to see even more of the venue. For $75, a tour will lead guests behind the scenes to areas that are usually only accessed to a select few.

The special tour will go into back stairwells, service tunnels, special rooms, rarely used hallways, and the vacant East Tower. Participants must be 18 years old. Tickets are $75 and available here.

Rob Moore, docent at the Masonic Temple, says, “A building the size and scope of the Masonic Temple requires a lot in terms of mechanical and engineering support, and we want to give an idea of how this relates to the overall function of the building. This tour will give participants the opportunity to see things the general public and even most Masons usually aren’t able to, and have a unique experience.”

The Detroit Masonic Temple is the world’s largest Masonic Temple. The neo-gothic structure was designed by George D. Mason in 1926 and regularly hosts events, concerts, and weddings. Our photographers captured many parts of it on a tour a few years ago. 71 photos can be seen here!

Masonic Temple

500 Temple Street, , MI 48201 (313) 832-7100 Visit Website