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New Center apartment building with party-ready pool lists for $3M

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No Diving!

Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

New Center is taking off in residential and commercial real estate. With the QLINE rolling in days, activity in the areas around Woodward Avenue and West Grand Boulevard are picking up. Commercial buildings near the end of the QLINE are undergoing rehab for mixed-use, while the nearby Fisher Building, the art deco masterpiece, is starting on a $100 million restoration.

This new listing is located a few blocks away from the Fisher Building, close to the new Pistons practice facility, and near Tech Town. Other notable neighbors include the Henry Ford Health Systems across the Lodge, the Amtrak station nearby, and the Northern Lights Lounge.

The property has 30 apartments, a swingin’ pool, and a few parking lots included. The price? $3,000,000. It’s listed through Chris Laenen.

A few industrial buildings sold nearby earlier this year for $3.1 million and will be converted to lofts. Will we see more buildings for sale in the area in the near future?