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Sold home updates from Boston-Edison, East English Village, and Palmer Woods

This week, we found a few big sales around Detroit. Houses keep moving quickly in East English Village, a renovation and a fixer upper found new owners in Boston-Edison, and a big old Palmer Woods mansion comes in with one of the bigger sales of the year. Is there a house you’re keeping an eye on? Let us know in the comments or drop us a note on the tip line.

↑ Move-in ready homes are a rarity here in Detroit, and homes for sale in general are moving quickly in East English Village. This handsome brick house was recently renovated, with a shiny new kitchen and new mechanic updates. We thought it might be priced high at $189,900, but it just sold for $201,000.

↑ We saw this renovated house in Boston-Edison a couple times last year. We learned that a squatter had maintained the house for a while, and the new owner underwent an extensive renovation. It first listed last summer for $249,000, then dropped to $199,900 in the fall. It just sold for $175,000.

↑ We like to look at what certain dollar amounts can buy around the city, and when we searched for homes under $150,000, this one was a winner. This Boston-Edison house looked very lived in and was being sold “as-is,” so there were likely many projects. It listed for $129,900 and just sold for $160,501 (wow!).

↑ How many times have we featured this Palmer Woods English Cotswald style house? A few. It once belonged to the former DIA Director, and has been on and off the market since. It listed again last year and made its way onto our Most Expensive Listings in Detroit map. Last fall, it listed for $725,000 and just sold for $700,000.