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An esplanade on Woodward Avenue is now open

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Courtesy of Quicken Loans

Passers-by may have noticed the median on Woodward between Campus Martius and Larned getting all fancy lately. Just in time for the QLINE, Detroit now has an esplanade at the end of the QLINE’s route.

Quicken Loans invested $400,000 for the new public space. In it, you can find swings and flexible seating, movable cubes, custom wooden benches and colorful plantings. 12-foot arches line a walkway through the green space.

We can also expect public art installations, food trucks, and live performances.

The northernmost turnaround near Campus Martius will be closed. A new pedestrian crossing will be at Congress Street.

This new green space both activates an unused area and creates more of a pathway to the Riverfront.

The Downtown Detroit Partnership will operate the new park, with annual maintenance funded by the Business Improvement District.

Philadelphia-based Groundswell Design Group, who recently opened a Detroit office, oversaw the design and development of the new park.