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Michigan Avenue commercial building lists for $299K

About a year ago, we visited our friends at Woodward Throwbacks as they opened their flagship store. They’ve outgrown that space and are moving to a new place in Hamtramck (more on that soon). Their old space, the former Hi-Grade Restaurant on Michigan Avenue at 24th Street, is now up for sale for $299,000.

Before they moved in, the 3,000-square-foot building had been abandoned for about ten years. Extensive renovations took place which included repairs to the roof, structural and foundational damage, and a complete re-install of all utilities. Land surrounding the building could also be included in the sale (more on that can be found here). Could more retail and commercial activity come down Michigan Avenue this way? Here are a few more photos from inside the building.

Woodward Throwbacks

More before photos can be found here.