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The QLINE remains free to ride during its opening week

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Have you ridden it yet?

Michelle & Chris Gerard

The QLINE opened to so much fan fare on Friday, May 12. After an initial free opening weekend, they’re now keeping it free to ride through Sunday, May 21.

Hopefully this gives people a chance to test it out themselves. Opening weekend saw long lines and waits at the stations, plus very crowded streetcars. The Detroit News is reporting that some of the display monitors were not working correctly, some of the streetcars needed service, and a car in the tracks needed to be towed.

We reiterate again: Please do not park in the tracks!

The system should be put to a test this week as riders try it out on a daily basis and the Tigers return to Comerica Park for six games.

Did you ride the QLINE this weekend? Did you wait in line to ride the packed streetcars? What was your experience? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below or on the tip line.