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MoGo Bike Share updates: Station map, community ride

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

Detroit’s new public bike share is launching in just a few days.

MoGo Detroit Bike Share launches Tuesday, May 23 with a community bike ride to the system locations. Participants who want to be a part of the ride out can sign up through MoGo. They’ll meet at One Ford Place in New Center at 9 a.m., and ride to their assigned docking locations.

Now we have a system map to show where these Bike Share locations will be located.

We can see the majority located in and around downtown, midtown, and Corktown, with some in Eastern Market, West Village, the Riverfront, and Southwest Detroit. No stations north of New Center for now, or in the far east or northwest section of the city. Bike shares are intended for a 30-minute quick trips. More info on pricing and usage can be found on the MoGo site.

The system will have 43 stations total, with 430 bikes available.