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Boston-Edison house snags record bid in Land Bank auction

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Detroit Land Bank

We posted this house a couple months ago as it was up for bid on the Detroit Land Bank Building Detroit daily auction. These Boston-Edison homes are quite popular, and this and another caused some traffic issues on the site. The house went back up on the auction yesterday and posted a record for the Detroit Land Bank auctions. The winning bid was $240,100.

It’s pretty wild, considering it’s on the west side of the Lodge and other homes in this area have listed and sold for around that price range. This 3,400-square-foot house wasn’t in nearly as bad condition as many auction houses, and still had some beautiful character to it. Those buying through the auction know they have to fix up the houses in a certain time frame (historical districts receive a little more time), so we’re looking forward to seeing the rehab on this one. Here are a few (two-year-old) pics inside.

Another Boston-Edison house in fairly decent condition will be up for bid later this month.