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Enter a portal in Capitol Park, connect with the world

Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

You may notice a gold shipping container in Capitol Park from May 19-June 9. Inside, you’ll find an immersive audiovisual experience unlike anything else you may have seen.

Photo by Josh Bails

The Portals Project connects people and communities all over the world through music, dance, murals, and entrepreneurship. Basically, you can sign up through their website for a 10-30 minute time frame and city. When you enter, expect to interact with someone in another location. It’s like being face-to-face in the same room.

Over the next few weeks, Detroit will connect with other states and countries such as: Afghanistan, Texas, Gaza, Mexico, Germany, Maryland, Jordan, Rwanda, and Honduras. A muralist in Herat, Afghanistan starts the conversation on May 20th.

This Detroit installation coincides with Detroit Start-Up week (May 23-36), in which entrepreneurs will be able to interact with others around the world.

Organizers encourage participants to bring artifacts, event announcements, and curiosity to their conversations. The project is sponsored by Quicken Loans. Those interested can sign up here.