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Charming Boston-Edison home asks $235K

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via Estately

The hunt for the elusive move-in ready house in Detroit continues, and this one may be a winner. Added bonus: it’s located in the coveted historic Boston-Edison neighborhood. This one comes in at a manageable 2,100 square feet, with three finished floors of living space. It’s listing for $235,000.

The house has five bedrooms, two and a half bedrooms, a third floor that could be a bedroom or bonus room, a living room with a fireplace, built-ins, and, well, a galley kitchen. This may not be the fanciest house we post, but it seems to be ready to go, with some updates in 2014. It’s located at the far west end of Boston-Edison, near the Sacred Heart Seminary. We’ve seen plenty listed in this area in the last six months, and there seems to be more and more homes renovated and lived in lately. We’re guessing that this one may not last long on the market.