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The QLINE remains free to ride until July

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

After a very busy first week, officials at the M-1 rail announced that the QLINE will continue to be free to ride for six weeks, until July 1.

According to the release, “Revenue operations will begin July 1 with an additional rider and transit education program to occur beginning next week.”

The QLINE offered free rides its first weekend, then extended it through the following week. Numbers are out, and the QLINE had nearly 50,000 riders its first week, averaging 8,300 riders per day over its first weekend and 5,120 riders from Monday-Thursday.

The release stated that many rode the full route during its first week. The large crowds made wait time longer. The QLINE will increase its number of streetcars in use during heavy ride times.

“Extending our free ride promotion will allow all Detroiters to experience the QLINE prior to the start of revenue operations,” said M-1 RAIL CEO Matt Cullen. “It will help integrate the streetcar into daily commutes and provide the necessary time for educating the riding public about the system. It’s the right way to build sustainable QLINE ridership and support our goal of a true regional transit system.”

Looking ahead, the Tigers are home for a series May 19-21, and then back in June for 16 games during the month. The annual Movement Electronic Music Festival is Memorial Day weekend, bringing thousands of visitors to downtown Detroit. If you still haven’t ridden the rail yet, keep these in mind.