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Obscura Day brings two exploration opportunities to Detroit

May 6

Lincoln Motor Car Factory
Courtesy of Atlas Obscura, photo by Matthew Naimi

Atlas Obscura, a group that has a mission of discovery and exploration, will celebrate Obscura Day on May 6. The group will hold over 170 events in 31 states and 28 countries, including two big events here in Detroit at Eastern Market and the Lincoln Street Art Park.

1xRun Fine Art Print Studio
Photo courtesy of 1xRun

Between noon and 1 p.m., participants can explore 1xRun in Eastern Market, a fine art print studio you might recognize for their work organizing Murals in the Market. For Obscura Day, participants can go behind the scenes at the studio and take a look at their archives. A map of the Murals in the Market will also be distributed for further exploration.

The second event takes place between 2-4 p.m. at the Lincoln Motor Car Factory, home of the Lincoln Street Art Park (above). This tour, by Make Art Work founder Matthew Naimi,

“will discuss the history of the building and lead attendees through Recycle Here!, the City of Detroit's Recycling Center, the Lincoln Street Art Park, and the Studio of Detroitus, Artist-in-Residence Ryan C. Doyle's machine art shop (mechanical, fire-breathing sculptures built from scrap metal). Attendees will also get an in-process view of Artist-in-Residence Louise Chen's multi-room installation for the upcoming Art and Amble Art Dinner. Finally, attendees will see the awesome firepower of some of Make Art Work's flamethrowers and fire cannons by Captain Josh Bacon.”

Tickets for 1XRun are $20 and tickets for the Lincoln Motor Car Factory are $35. Participants are encouraged to use #obscuraday to share across social media platforms.