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For $87,500, a two-bedroom condo in New Center

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The Loft Warehouse

We’ve seen a few condos come up for sale this year at Gramont Manor, located on Seward right off of Woodward in New Center. It’s an Albert Kahn building that’s just a couple blocks up from the last QLINE stop, and its condos have been more affordable than many others around the city. They’re not the fanciest, but if someone’s looking to buy, this may be a good option. While other condos in Midtown, Downtown, and the Riverfront are priced from $250,000 and up, these New Center condos list for under $100,000. Not bad, especially for those who work nearby. This condo is coming in at just under 800 square feet, with two bedrooms and one bathroom, and it’s listing for $87,500.

The listing says it was recently remodeled. Unfortunately that means carpet (at least it’s new carpet). The kitchen and bathroom are both fairly small. But it’s located within walking distance of the Fisher Building, and close to the Henry Ford Hospital and Wayne State. HOA fees run $219 a month.