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For $450K, a four-bedroom Indian Village home

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Photos by James Tumey

Earlier this week, we saw a University District home that looked pretty normal outside, but had some eclectic elements to its interior. Now we have another similar listing in Indian Village. This 4,000-square-foot home looks quite stately from the outside, and has some beautiful interior features. It also has some head-scratching choices. It’s listing for $450,000.

The house has four bedrooms, beautiful landscaping, hardwood floors, french doors connecting many of the downstairs rooms, built-in storage, a sun room, a breakfast nook, and a big bay window in the living room. It all looks quite normal, until we’re reminded of 2001: A Space Odyssey when we get to the kitchen.

It’s imposing, it seems. The house has three and a half baths, and they’re all quite different.

And the master bedroom has this, which leads to the third floor.

There’s a lot going on in here.

All in all, the house seems to have a lot of different design elements, but there are still some classic touches left. The house isn’t as large as many of the other listings in the neighborhood this year, all of which are still on the market. It’s located on Iroquois near Goethe, and it’s listed through the Loft Warehouse.