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Live or work in this Islandview home, yours for $375K

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Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit Real Estate Photography

The mansions along East Grand Boulevard are used for a variety of purposes: single-family homes, duplexes, group and senior homes, and offices. This particular home, located between East Vernor and Kercheval, currently houses offices, but it can be used for residential. It’s listing for $375,000.

This house has great wood beams, spacious rooms, and beautiful woodwork throughout. It’s 4,000 square feet in total, with some of the best curb appeal we’ve seen in a while. We’ve seen a lot of activity in Islandview this year, with various houses going up for sale, the start of redevelopment for a condo conversion, and new development down Grand Boulevard near Jefferson. It’s near both Belle Isle and the shops and restaurants in West Village and it’s listed through Gordon Hawkins at Hawkins Realty. What would you do with this property?