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City’s redevelopment plans turn to Russell Woods, Jefferson Chalmers, Banglatown

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Russell Woods Michelle & Chris Gerard

The City and the Planning and Development Department issued three new Request For Proposals for planning and implementing neighborhood development initiatives. While we’ve seen the majority of development activities in recent years in downtown and midtown, and more recently along the east riverfront and Fitzgerald neighborhoods, these new RFPs extend the reach of neighborhood redevelopment into three very different areas.

In Russell Woods and Nardin Park, bordered by Oakman, Grand River, Dexter, and Livernois, the focus will be on stabilizing vacant homes, schools, and multi-family buildings and on land stewardship.

In Campau/Banglatown, bordered by Davison/McNichols, Carpenter/Conant/Caniff, Mound, and Dequindre, there’s an emphasis on “landscape stewardship, rehabilitation development, and the strengthening of commercial corridors.” We recently saw a unique redevelopment opportunity in this area.

In Jefferson Chalmers, which was designated last year as a National Treasure due to its significant stock of historic buildings and housing, the redevelopment focus is on the commercial corridor, historic preservation, and green stormwater infrastructure. The neighborhood boundaries are the Detroit River, Alter Road, Conner, and East Vernor.

The RFPs can be accessed here.