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Corktown Victorian sells for $376K

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

Move-in ready homes seem to be a rarity on the market here in Detroit these days, so when they come up, they move fast. This 2,100-square-foot Corktown Victorian, located on Leverette between Trumbull and Rosa Parks, had older charm combined with some modern conveniences. It was lacking in a few areas — it didn’t seem to have a garage or driveway, and the refrigerator was located in the narrow butler’s pantry — but these didn’t seem to matter. It listed in early April for $359,900 and just sold for $376,000.

The house has a lot going for it — the woodwork is lovely (and not painted), the kitchen is spacious with a lot of storage, big bay windows bring lots of light in — and that location is key.

We’ve seen a lot of condos and lofts list this spring, and the few single-family homes (not mansions) in good condition are garnering a lot of interest. Could we see more for sale in the coming months? Here’s a few more photos inside this lovely 1893 home.