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Swim inside this Palmer Woods mansion, now down to $538K

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Photos by Michelle & Chris Gerard

While some homes are just flying off the market here this spring, some houses just linger for years. Such is the case with this weird Palmer Woods home, which we imagine was a cool Moderne style in its time, but now it’s just boxy...neutral...and strange. It listed back in October of 2015 for $785,000, a crazy price for a house that looks completely dated. The price dropped to $699,900 last spring. It’s now back on the market with a new listing and a bargain price — $538,000.

While earlier listings had it at 9,000 square feet, this one gives it 6,200 square feet. Interesting. But perhaps the most fascinating part of this house is the indoor pool surrounded by Astroturf, which can be viewed through the dining room.

The kitchen is big, but very country looking and has no windows. Carpet runs through many of the rooms, and there are a few spiral staircases here and there. It would definitely take the right owner with the right vision to update this home, add some landscaping, and make it what it once was. It’s now listed through O’Connor Real Estate.