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Why don’t more people use public transit in Detroit?

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Photo by Michelle & Chris Gerard

Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, enthusiasm, horror, and more. Have something you want discussed? Let us know. This week’s loaded topic: what about the bus?

The QLINE will be celebrated with much fanfare in the next few weeks. The streetcar has been in the works for years, a lot of development has come up in the Woodward Corridor in the past few years, and developers and city leaders are banking on the success of the streetcar that travels 3.3 miles.

We asked earlier this year if you plan on riding it, and many readers say that they absolutely do. For others, since it only travels through a few neighborhoods, it’s not convenient. Are we looking at another People Mover?

So what about the buses?

We’ve talked a lot about public transit here, and we’ve seen the defeat of the RTA, which would have brought bus rapid transit to southeast Michigan. Many readers wanted light rail instead.

Critics of the M-1 Rail say that there’s already a bus line on Woodward, and wouldn’t it make sense to invest in other alternatives? Also, the streetcar doesn’t go very fast, and takes a little longer than it would to drive.

Detroit also has a bike share program launching later this month. Alternatives to driving are showing up more.

Will we remain the Motor City? Are people too attached to their cars? Is the bus unreliable? If you live in the city, do you know the bus stops and routes near you? If you’re a big public transit advocate, do you use the bus? Is it just easier to use a car here? Or is the mindset on public transit in Detroit changing? Let us know in the comments.